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Term Insurance For The Greater Tampa Bay Area

My name is David Happe, and I am an independent fiduciary Florida licensed insurance agent.  Unlike employees that work for a single insurance company, as your independent agent I work for you and we work with all Florida licensed insurance carriers.  My job is to find you the most coverage and best terms for the least premium.  

Unlike captive agents whose job it is to "sell you" on what their company offers, a fiduciary independent life insurance agent is a professional who, acting in the best interests of their clients, provides objective and unbiased advice on life insurance products, prioritizing the financial well-being of the policyholders over any potential commissions or incentives.

You should work for me because I work for you, not for them.  I'm your agent.  My discussions with you are always free as the insurance companies pay us.  Contact me below for a no obligation free consultation.

Let’s Work Together

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