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A Primer on Insurance Scams in Florida

Don’t Be a Victim: Beware of Insurance Fraud and Scams Cunning fraudsters have perfected their skill and work daily to take advantage of well-intended insurance consumers who want to protect their assets. All consumers are impacted by insurance fraud and scams, even if not directly targeted. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that at least $308.6 billion in fraudulent claims payments are made annually. Who ultimately pays for insurance fraud? All of us! As a result of insurance fraud:

  • insurance companies may increase premiums to offset the loss

  • the cost of goods and services may increase

  • the insured property may be unnecessarily damaged or not repaired properly

  • Misrepresentation of Insurance by Agent

  • Policy Cancellation

  • Unlicensed Agent

  • Repair

  • Staged Auto Accidents

  • Fraudulent Medical Charges

  • Medical ID Theft

  • Offers to Sell or Increase Coverage During a Disaster

  • Unlicensed Contractor

  • Employer Misrepresentation

  • Reporting Fake Injuries

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