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Form America Appointed by AIG for Full Suite of Life Insurance Products

Form America LLC is proud to announce we’re now appointed by AIG to represent them in the State of Florida. AIG is one of the oldest, largest and best insurance platforms in the United States. The prestigious appointment by AIG gives our Florida customers access to arguably the best suite of insurance and retirement products in the United States.

American General Life Insurance, also known as AIG Life & Retirement, is a subsidiary of American International Group (AIG). American General provides life insurance and retirement solutions to individuals, families, and businesses in the United States. The company offers a range of life insurance products, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance, as well as annuities and other retirement solutions. American General has a long history dating back to 1850, and has grown through various mergers and acquisitions over the years to become one of the largest life insurance and retirement solution providers in the United States.

As a Florida licensed independent insurance agent, we get to pick the best policies out of the hundreds available, and it is an honor to represent AIG to our customers. We picked them, and they approved us for Florida for their Florida certified policies.

We’re now State certified and appointed with AIG in the areas of:

Term Insurance : Term life insurance is one of the simplest and most affordable types of life insurance. It allows clients to select the amount of benefit they need, for the length of time they need it.

Index Universal Life Insurance : Indexed universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance, which means it has a cash value component in addition to a death benefit. The money in your cash value account can earn interest based on a stock market index chosen by your insurer, such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq Composite.

Simplified Issue Life : Very easy to apply, quick and easy underwriting, and we usually can discuss options during the appointment as we enter data together into AIG’s SimpliNow Legacy® underwriting. The quickest, easiest way to get your life insured.

Guaranteed Issue Life : An affordable life insurance option made simple – no medical exam, no health questions, and acceptance is guaranteed between the ages of 50 – 80. The tax free benefits can help with final expenses.

Guaranteed Universal Life : Delivers guaranteed protection with the potential cash access the partial withdrawal capability brings. Guaranteed Return of Premium options. It also offers riders that provide access to cash should you suffer a chronic illness or need additional funding during their retirement years.

Traditional Fixed Annuities : A fixed annuity provides guaranteed retirement income payments. With a fixed annuity contract, you make one or several payments to the annuity provider, which in turn promises to pay you a fixed return on your contributions, no matter how markets are performing. Annuities make sure you don’t outlive your money.

Income Annuities : Instead of providing a fixed rate of return, an income annuity provides a fixed monthly income that is guaranteed for life. Lifetime income annuities can provide a hedge against outliving your savings. We do not sell more volitile variable annuities.

Indexed Annuities : Equity indexed annuities (also referred to as fixed indexed annuities) are considered to be a type of fixed annuity because they have a guaranteed rate of return that cannot change or decrease during the lifetime of your plan. There’s a floor guaranteed on an Indexed Annuity in contrast to a Variable Annuity. We don’t sell Variable Annuities.

Whole Life : Whole life with guaranteed cash value, guaranteed level fixed-premium, level-death benefit, nonparticipating, single life, endowment at age 100 contract. Available for term conversions only.

and Assured Edge : Assured Edge income Achiever is a tax-deferred fixed annuity that features a flexible guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB).

We have our work cut out for us to become the top independent AIG agent in the State of Florida, a commitment we make to our insurance partners and our customers. Please contact us by email at to initiate a discussion on your insurance needs. We can review your current insurance against our offerings, and give you an unbiased comparison report (actually required in Florida!) so you can decide if you have a better deal with your current plan, or would benefit by moving to a new plan with Form America and AIG.

You can also visit to easily send us your contact information, and our Florida certified, licensed insurance agent will get in touch with you to get started on securing your family’s future! You can also call our offices at (813)330-0305 for immediate attention.

This post originally appeared as a press release on the Tampa Bay NewsWire

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