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Form America LLC Supports Florida House Bill 837 (2023) for Legal Reform


There's a good indicator that any time the legal lobbyists oppose a bill, it is something that will benefit the people. The Florida Congress is about to pass a bill that fits the description. Florida House Bill 837 is the companion of a bill that is pending in the Florida Senate whose primary aim is to reign in out of control predatory legal largesse, as the bill intends to reduce legal, medical and insurance fees benefiting consumers statewide. Attorneys are panicked and scrambling to wrap up unnecessary and overzealous lawsuits before the Florida

Congress has a chance to cement this tort reform to benefit Floridians. The law will be implemented immediately on passage, expected within the next few days.

You can check out the full text of the bill here :

Attorneys are panicking and filing hundreds of lawsuits trying to ram through more ridiculous lawsuits in Florida before the clock strikes midnight on their frivolous lawsuit filings. They're literally flooding the courts with lawsuits before the new law goes into effect, assuming the Florida Senate passes it. Governor DeSantis has already indicated his support for the legal reforms.

Here's what we like :

  • The bill aims to limit frivolous injury and insurance litigation

  • Caps attorney fees

  • Drives down rising insurance rates by limiting ambulance chasers

  • Has a beneficial impact for consumers on home insurance, car insurance, health insurance and more

  • We expect insurance prices to drop as out of control litigation is reigned in

  • It also puts ceilings on how much doctors can charge for certain medical procedures

Floridians have suffered across the boards as a result of some unscrupulous attorneys that have nearly bankrupted the insurance industry, causing insurers to flee Florida with catastrophic and limitless losses.

This tort reform will reverse the financial tsunami that has driven up costs, caused hundreds of businesses to go under, resulted in insurers abandoning Florida, and driven up consumer costs as a result. It's meaningful reform.

If you question the impact, look at the reaction of the bottom feeder attorneys who are panicked about the looming legislation. It's a funny thing that happens when you turn on the lights - the cockroaches scatter for cover. Florida lawmakers are bringing legal reform into the sunshine. Floridians will benefit, and the cockroaches are looking for cover.

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