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Save Money - Register Your Trademark In Your State

Tampa, FL based Form America LLC researched trademarks and service marks for all 50 States, and produced one of the first national analysis reports of filing costs for State-level trade and service mark registration. It is hundreds of dollars cheaper to file a State trademark v. Federal trademark, and if you do-it-yourself you might save literally thousands by filing your mark with your local State government vs. a Federal trademark filing. Filing a state trademark can provide several benefits to businesses or individuals who want to protect their brand in a specific state or territory. Here are some of the benefits of filing a state trademark:

Exclusive use of the mark: By registering a state trademark, the owner obtains the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the goods or services specified in the registration within the state or territory where it is registered. Legal protection: The state registration provides legal protection to the trademark owner and enables them to take legal action against any unauthorized use or infringement of their mark within the state or territory. Cost-effective: State trademark registration is significantly less expensive than federal registration, which can be beneficial for small businesses or individuals with a limited budget. Faster registration process: The state trademark registration process is generally faster than the federal registration process, which can be advantageous for businesses that want to protect their mark quickly. Local market protection: If a business operates only within a specific state or territory, registering a state trademark can be a practical and cost-effective way to protect its brand in the local market. However, it is important to note that the protection provided by a state trademark is limited to the state or territory where it is registered. Therefore, if a business plans to expand its operations to other states or territories, it may want to consider obtaining federal trademark registration. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Kentucky are the cheapest with filings of just $10.00 per trademark class. Ohio and South Dakota are gouging their residents compared to the other States, charging $125 to register a State level trademark. In Ohio's defense, they made a really nice brochure explaining why they charge $115 more than the cheapest states for the same service. South Dakota doesn't even give you a nice .pdf for your $125 filing fee. Here are the costs as of April 2023 to file a State level trademark using each State's direct filing system : Alabama: $30 per class Alaska: $50 per class Arizona: $15 per class Arkansas: $50 per class California: $70 per class Colorado: $30 per class Connecticut: $50 per class Delaware: $25 per class Florida: $87.50 per class Georgia: $15 per class Hawaii: $50 per class Idaho: $30 per class Illinois: $10 per class Indiana: $10 per class Iowa: $10 per class Kansas: $40 per class Kentucky: $10 per class Louisiana: $75 per class Maine: $60 per class Maryland: $50 per class Massachusetts: $50 per class Michigan: $50 per class Minnesota: $50 per class Mississippi: $50 per class Missouri: $55 per class Montana: $20 per class Nebraska: $110 per class Nevada: $100 per class New Hampshire: $50 per class New Jersey: $50 per class New Mexico: $50 per class New York: $50 per class North Carolina: $75 per class North Dakota: $50 per class Ohio: $125 per class Oklahoma: $50 per class Oregon: $50 per class Pennsylvania: $50 per class Rhode Island: $50 per class South Carolina: $15 per class South Dakota: $125 per class Tennessee: $20 per class Texas: $50 per class Utah: $50 per class Vermont: $20 per class Virginia: $30 per class Washington: $30 per class West Virginia: $50 per class Wisconsin: $15 per class Wyoming: $100 per class These prices were all verified by Pro Se America 4/10/2023. Please research your state for specific filing requirements. Some states offer discounts for multiple class filings. You generally don't need help filing a State Trademark Application, but seek legal advice from a competent attorney if you have questions regarding Trademark law at the State or Federal Level. Form America LLC is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.

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