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Simplified Term Insurance from Florida Licensed Agent David Happe

I am an independent insurance agent. That means I don't push one company because they pay me to. I work with dozens of the best insurance companies in America, but for different reasons. I just got appointed in Florida for an A rated insurance company by AM Best.

The majority of insurance companies have an alphabetical rating of A- (excellent) or better by AM Best. There are companies that fall within the B++ category but are still considered excellent by AM Best. A carrier with an alphabetical rating of B or less is considered to be vulnerable. Dave Happe's minimum acceptable Best Rating is A. We only work with the very best carriers.

AM Best reviews insurance carriers’ ratings annually, when they will either reaffirm or adjust a rating depending on the audit results. They will also make changes mid-term if something significant occurs with a carrier’s financials or management status, however this is reactionary.


As one of the fastest growing licensed insurance agents in Florida, we’re proud to announce the new Buy HAPPE Guarantee℠ (named after our founder). The Buy HAPPE Guarantee℠ is a set of operating principles that make us different from the industries we all dislike, including the insurance and annuity industries.

The pledge to our customers includes :

FREE LOOK : A window after your purchase on everything we do, giving you the ability to cancel a policy after delivery and get 100% of your money back. We guarantee it.

FEE TRANSPARENCY : We’re the opposite of the insurance and annuity business. We’ll show you what WE make. We can’t negotiate fees (as we also make agreements with our providers) but you’get honesty, transparency, and a look at how we make our money. We’re different than anyone else you’ll talk with in an industry known for the opposite.

FULL DISCLOSURE COMPARISON : Let us look at your existing life insurance. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of what you pay and what you get from your existing life insurance, and a head-to-head comparison on how we can lower your premiums, or increase your benefits, or both. You’ll be able to see in a simple one page comparison what we can do to better secure your future.

We’re different, and we’re in business to help you. We’re the opposite of most “wealth advisors.” We don’t sell you products because it’s good for US. We are an independent agent, licensed by the State of Florida but we’re not trying to retire by using your retirement funds for our benefit. We’ve assembled some of the best low cost offerings to come alongside you and REDUCE your fees, not increase them.

Contact for a free, no obligation half hour phone appointment.

Proud to be an INDEPENDENT agent, working to bring you the best insurance and annuity companies in the world including our hand selected companies.

Florida Licensed Agent # W954746


Term insurance is a type of life insurance policy that provides coverage for a specified term or period, typically ranging from 10 to 30 years. It offers several benefits, which make it a popular choice for many individuals. Here are some of the key benefits of term insurance:

  1. Affordability: Term insurance is typically the most cost-effective form of life insurance. Because it provides pure life coverage without any cash value component, the premiums are lower compared to other types of life insurance policies like whole life or universal life.

  2. High coverage amount: You can purchase a substantial amount of coverage for a relatively low premium. This makes term insurance an excellent choice for individuals who need a large death benefit to protect their family's financial security.

  3. Financial protection: Term insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiaries if you pass away during the policy's term. This financial protection can help your loved ones cover various expenses, such as mortgage payments, living expenses, education costs, and more.

  4. Customizable term lengths: You can choose the term length that best suits your needs, whether it's 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. This allows you to align your coverage with your financial responsibilities, such as the duration of your mortgage or the time until your children are financially independent.

  5. Renewable and convertible options: Many term policies offer the option to renew or convert to a permanent life insurance policy without the need for a medical exam, depending on the terms of the policy. This flexibility can be valuable if your circumstances change.

  6. Income tax-free death benefit: The death benefit paid to your beneficiaries is generally income tax-free, ensuring that they receive the full amount of the coverage without any tax deductions.

  7. Easy to understand: Term insurance is straightforward and easy to understand. There are no complex investment components, and it is a pure insurance product, making it a transparent choice for policyholders.

  8. Supplemental coverage: Term insurance can be used to supplement other life insurance policies, such as whole life or universal life, to provide additional protection during specific periods of your life when you have higher financial obligations.

  9. Peace of mind: Knowing that your loved ones will be financially protected in the event of your untimely death can provide peace of mind and reduce stress during difficult times.

  10. Estate planning: Term insurance can be used as part of your estate planning strategy to ensure that your heirs have the necessary funds to cover estate taxes, debts, and other financial obligations.

It's important to note that term insurance is primarily designed for temporary coverage, and it does not accumulate cash value over time. If you are looking for an insurance policy that provides both protection and an investment component, you may want to consider other types of life insurance, such as whole life or universal life insurance. We have it all, although we prefer term for affordability and flexibility.


So if you made it this far, here's some information on one of our favorite carriers. Let's talk about Simplified Term Insurance:

  • Level term insurance to age 95

  • 20-30 year duration level premiums with rates guaranteed to not increase

  • Return of premium if you don't die during the term - get 75% of your premium back

  • NO COST : Terminal illness, chronic illness and confined care accelerated death benefit riders

  • Income tax free payout for your loved ones

  • Renewable on an annual basis after your term expires until age 95

  • Convert to whole life without evidence of insurability

  • Childrens insurance agreement : give a gift to your kids and grandkids that comes with a guarantee of insurability without evidence of insurability up to 5x the initial rider amount (maximum $75k). This is what we call guaranteed future insurance for your kids and grandkids.

  • Waiver of premium for unemployment rider

  • No medical exam required


(c) 2023 by David Happe and Final Expense Florida. Contact us to get a free consultation which will result in a no obligation quotation for insurance to protect your family. Use the contact form at, or email and we will get in touch with you within one business day.

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