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Special Cost Final Expense Coverage for Florida Residents Only

David Happe is licensed in the State of Florida for all forms of whole life, term life, and final expense insurance as well as fixed and indexed fixed annuities.  Florida State license number W954746.


Final expense insurance, often referred to as burial or funeral insurance, is a type of whole life insurance designed to cover the costs associated with a person's funeral, burial, and other end-of-life expenses. This type of insurance provides a financial safety net to ensure that the policyholder's loved ones are not burdened with the often substantial costs of a funeral service, casket, burial plot, and other related expenses. Final expense insurance policies are typically smaller in coverage compared to traditional life insurance policies and are intended to provide peace of mind and financial support during a challenging time.

Protect loved ones, and get assistance from true experts who care.

  • 100% Approval

  • Affordable rates for coverage from $10,000 to $25,000 in benefits

  • No Medical Exams, No Health Questions

  • Payments Never Increase

  • Benefits Never Decrease

Florida residents are being covered daily with a Burial Insurance Plan. Don't miss out!

Final Expense Insurance in Florida is offered by David Happe, the owner of Form America LLC who is Florida State certified and licensed for insurance and annuities in the State of Florida.  As an independent agent, Dave works with a variety of carriers to pick the one for you with the best value for the lowest prices.  There's a plan that will work for every budget.  

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We can help make sure your family is protected.  Only Florida residents have guaranteed coverage.

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